A New Place to Write

There is no better way to begin this except to say that I have missed you. As I was so wonderfully reminded of this evening, in a moment of unconscious sharing of oneself during a pause in slinging vino, I just need to move forward once again, and that means putting the past behind. I … Continue reading A New Place to Write


Something Else In Life

"Yes, I am a story-teller and it takes no effort for me to write one, and if there's nothing there to write I do other things with my day. Sorry you struggle so hard to do what should come naturally to you. Perhaps it is a sign you should do something else in life?" Ah, … Continue reading Something Else In Life

On Piracy

You run a search of your name and books. An entry for a piracy site is claiming to have your book available for download. How did they get it? If you have ever offered your book available for a free download, this is one part of the problem. The advice provided by most online book … Continue reading On Piracy