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Self-Publishing 101: How Not to Screw Up Your Manuscript

The guidelines for printing were set way back when the printing press was invented. There are no exceptions to the publishing rules.


On Piracy

You run a search of your name and books. An entry for a piracy site is claiming to have your book available for download. How did they get it? If you have ever offered your book available for a free download, this is one part of the problem. The advice provided by most online book … Continue reading On Piracy

Don’t let anyone trample your meadow – An Upwork Story

  Normally, I would not give such power to certain things as it only can fuel a fire. But this time I am making an exception. I have been a member and provider for Upwork, and although I have been unhappy with the platform, I have never had an experience bad enough to warrant posting … Continue reading Don’t let anyone trample your meadow – An Upwork Story