She Is Goddess

Gray pavement scrolls…

Woman in black,
the breeze wisps her raven hair
as a black cloth stealth
with invisible force,
it arrives at her feet…

Cloak has arrived.

With spindly fingers and blackened tips,
adorned hands in fluid movement,
she foresees the healed wounds of the future
and the eyes of those who shall bring them.

As the wind becomes stronger
Sadness, tears wiped away,
she falls backward
bursting into a hundred crows,
taking flight…

Woman is now tripled.

The first shoots a glance and walks away,
The second stands strong, leads you with her eyes,
The third crumples upon the ground before you.

United together as one.

She is the Crow that flies overhead,
stirring in perfect time and motion,
swimming the atmosphere with Cloak as her wing-fin
which holds her steady above the Earth,
as she gazes down at her Other Self,
descending to join it upon the ground…

She is the Black Dog below,
running of Faithfulness and Protection,
gentle yet feared,
with silken coat and sleek form,
keen eyes,
and the sixth scent
with which she uses to inhale the Truth.

Black Dog halts …
watches Crow above,
the path that they must follow now shared.

Their sky grows dark,
forces brewing within the clouds…
Morphing into their authentic Self,
the Crow lands softly,
the Black Dog becomes liquid,
seeping into those adorned hands
of the Woman
laid waiting upon the ground.

With Stars fiery and Moon blue
an illumination of this ceremony,
and upon her hand a symbol…

Beginning, Duration, then Dissolution.

Her body rises in Triple once again…

She is Goddess.

© 2011 Cairenn Rhys
from “Warrior of the Deepsake”

This writing was a contribution to the website “Journey of the Heart – Women’s Spiritual Poetry” June 2013.