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Wine Is Bottled Poetry

This wonderful quote is imprinted on a pewter wine charm that currently hangs on my desk lamp. As I gaze upon it writing this, I reflect upon last Thursday when I found myself in a meeting with the owner of a new wine bar that is opening up in my town. It's all the buzz… Continue reading Wine Is Bottled Poetry

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Me and Sophie: Walking

Ah, the blank page. How it stares back at us. I have been away for a long time. Never very far, occasionally peeking in to see what others are doing. Away mostly because I needed to recharge and the only way to do that was to step back. Way back. Then learn to walk a different… Continue reading Me and Sophie: Walking

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Something Else In Life

"Yes, I am a story-teller and it takes no effort for me to write one, and if there's nothing there to write I do other things with my day. Sorry you struggle so hard to do what should come naturally to you. Perhaps it is a sign you should do something else in life?" Ah,… Continue reading Something Else In Life