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Self-Publishing 101: How Not to Screw Up Your Manuscript

The guidelines for printing were set way back when the printing press was invented. There are no exceptions to the publishing rules.


Wineries and Wildfires

With such a tremendous loss in California due to the wildfires, it is easy to write off the importance of the wineries and the losses they are suffering. After all, wine is luxury. Please do not have a lack of concern for the wineries in these fires. We need our vineyards in those wildfire prone … Continue reading Wineries and Wildfires

Ancient Celtic Simbols.



Celtic symbols were used as a protection tool, to infuse courage to warriors, to defeat their enemies, to gain love or to mark the way forward.

The Celts transmitted their knowledge through engravings, some of which have come down to us thanks to which they were carved from hard materials like stones, iron or bronze. Their geometric drawings hide centuries of beliefs, rituals and magical powers that few know.

Celtic symbols have been linked to the Druids and with them to nature. Here you will find the meaning of the most famous Celtic symbols:

The triquetra:


-The triquetra or later also called triquel, is a symbol of Indo-European origin that alludes to the triple dimension of the female divinity. It also symbolizes life, death and rebirth (life, death and reincarnation for the Celts).

Also known as the Trinity Knot resembles the Ouroboros, an ancient infinity symbol. The triquetra is constructed…

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