Cairenn Rhys, The Spirited Quill, Spirited Quill

Warrior of the Deepsake-Journal of a Spiritual Warrior
Amazon Bestseller Rank #2 Epic Poetry & #4 Mysticism – 2013

This collection of writings, a series of narrative poetry & prose, tells the tale of one woman’s quest for the Truth as she walks each day upon her own spiritual path, and the journey of encounters with the conflicts betwixt Light and Dark to be conquered. 

 Cairenn Rhys, The Spirited Quill, Spirited Quill
Upon Higher Ground – In The Spirit of Poetry
Amazon Bestseller Rank #4 – Inspirational Poetry – 2013

This collection of spiritual poetry and prose is a passionate journey of love, the pain of separation and the yearning of the heart. Exploring the transcendence of loss to the height of Divinity, this collection speaks of the beauty of friendship, love, hope, nature and myth.  

Cairenn Rhys, The Spirited Quill, Spirited Quill
Epyllia – Collection Poetica
Amazon Bestseller Rank #6 – Epic Poetry – 2014

In this newest collection of poetry, Rhys brings her unique freestyle writing, voice and structured form to the classic epic poem.  While remaining true to the storytelling, this collection is contemporary in concept, length of verse and its confessional undertones.


“For me, Cairenn Rhys’s Upon Higher Ground is a linguistic expression so likable, that when reading, one cannot prevent the mind from travelling to inner spaces and places that may have otherwise been missed.

Amazing journeys, some short, others a little bit longer — but none lacking in sophistication, and all encouraging a mental process beyond the basic level of thought. To read Upon Higher Ground is to introduce yourself to admirable and often surprising insights. Cairenn’s work should be both celebrated and encouraged, and I can think of no better way to do this than to recommend its purchase and reading.

Upon Higher Ground takes pride of place on my coffee table, its reading, together with the appropriate dose of caffeine, is the perfect mix for my muse.”  

– Hamilton H.

“There are books that come into one’s life, and, when read, make a huge impact, an impact greater than you might imagine. Warrior of the Deepsake-Journey of a Spiritual Warrior is such a book for me.

By habit, I’m not a reader of poetry. This is a book of poetic prose and poetry. I found meaning within each entry simply because each one is so beautifully written. I found with Cairenn Rhys’ telling of her journey toward Spirit that I could recognize all the highs and lows, shifts, adjustments, and transformations that I , too, have made on my path. It was evident that our paths were quite different and yet amazingly alike. I found peace in this fact. I will reread this book often.

By the telling of her journey, Cairenn is a teacher. I believe she is fulfilling her mission to assist the world toward fulfillment.

I would recommend this book to anyone who believes they are participating in their growth toward happiness.”

– Carrie L.

“I must start out by thanking Cairenn Rhys for sharing her beauty inside and out, I am honored to have met you. Her spirituality definitely took me to a higher place. A place of astral tranquility. This was such pleasure to read. I have to note that this happens to be my very first ebook read. And what a pleasure it was. Her quill holds a magical touch. Profoundly professional as well. A Poetess of beauty and skill. An authoress of grand proportions. Thank you Cairenn for sharing this ebook with me, it has been an honor to have read your wonderful pieces of art.

Such a spiritual specialist Cairenn Rhys is. She really has made a difference in the book world. A best-seller in my eyes. Please keep shining, Dear Poetess/Authoress!! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.”

– Andy A.

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