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Self-Publishing 101: How Not to Screw Up Your Manuscript

Since January, I have been working with some wonderful clients that are self-publishing for the first time, with a few established indie authors needing fresh insight and advice for their next book. I’ve landed some amazing author/clients in the last month!

Many new authors confuse the terms “editing”, “formatting” and “book layout”. “Revisions” are not “rewrites”. “Formatting” is not “editing/proofreading”.

So, that’s why I’m preparing a course on self-publishing that is going to cover what to do, what NOT to do, and explain those terms and intricate details that most books on the subject do not cover at all. As a Publishing Consultant, I cover these topics with each of my clients before I begin working on their project and throughout the project as the need arises.

My goal in creating the course is to coach aspiring authors before they start the self-publishing process so it gets done right the first time. I recently had to turn down a project because the author only possessed the converted pdf’s of her book. She never saved her original manuscript in Word. After hundreds of edits in the pdf files, she was now looking for someone to “reverse convert” and correct it. NEVER DELETE ANYTHING!

Another problem I often see is a new author uploading their manuscript in Word (8×11) to their POD publisher. They choose the correct book size (6×9 Standard). They instantly receive an error message that they’re trying to accomplish something that will NEVER work: trying to shove square peg into a round hole.

Nearly all books are going to be 6×9 and I only use official POD templates (Lulu, Amazon & Kindle, Smashwords, etc.). When I hand over your final manuscript fully formatted and converted for print and/or Kindle – it is in the correct template for your POD and follows the rules so you have the book you’ve always dreamed of for sale.

If you are in need to a consultation or manuscript review, please contact me here.

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