Hindsight Is Unforgiving

That is the first line I wrote when I sat down and began writing WHITEHALL.

As I finish this short story, I am reminded that the day that inspired it all was much like today. Sunny, spring  in the air, all was well. I was at peace walking in the city of Chicago, waiting for a friend to finish up some business nearby. I suddenly found myself in front of the Whitehall Hotel once again, some two years after staying there for a fateful weekend.

I was not alone at the Whitehall the first time.  The second time, I realized I had escaped a dark and dangerous situation – perhaps an even darker future. The two years that passed between the two visits was rather a psychic recovery. A time to regain my strength after being in the presence of a tormented and malevolent Soul that tears apart anyone in its path.

Hindsight is unforgiving“.

Yes, it is a beautiful, sunny, Spring day.
As I head out for my daily stroll, I think perhaps I shall make a few stops along the way.

But this time, I am not in Chicago and I am safe. And I will never walk that way again.


Spirited Quill, Cairenn Rhys


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