On Piracy

A piracy site is claiming to have your book for download. You click the link. What happens next?

Well, you just supported a click farm that was banking on you clicking that link, and warning all your author friends about it so they can click on it too! Result: They rank higher on Google.

If you posted the link to the website on your blog, and told everyone else to do it, you just perpetuated the problem and gave the scammers permission to always use your blog address for new book referrals. Result: You became a top referrer for a piracy site!

Good job! Now the Google algorithm will see all those organic clicks you supplied as valid, and rank that website even higher than your books on Amazon.

Stop posting the links to these websites. You are part of the problem and placing your followers at risk of having their books targeted as well.

These sites are contagious – don’t spread their bug.

Knowledge is power.

Here’s a great article to read: The DMCA Takedown Notice Demystified

If you are an author or other creative on the internet, reading this is imperative, but often ignored: http://copyright.gov/title17/

P.S. I have warned people about this in the past. So once again, a final piece of friendly advice: Never make your book available for “free download”.

P.P.S.  Turn off the “allow trackbacks and pingbacks” on your blog posts. Trust me on this.

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