On Piracy

You run a search of your name and books. An entry for a piracy site is claiming to have your book available for download. How did they get it?

If you have ever offered your book available for a free download, this is one part of the problem. The advice provided by most online book promoters and other “experts” is to offer your book for free to get highly ranked on Amazon as soon as possible. But ask yourself: if people are able to get your ebook for free, why would they come back later and purchase it? They won’t. They don’t have to. They will copy it, share it with their friends. All those tweets and posts you put out there promoting your ebook for free was long enough to make it available all over the internet to anyone, at no cost – even years later.

Another issue is copied work and someone else claiming it as their own. These people are simpletons. They can’t write, so they steal. You have to be proactive in protection your work. The best way to do this is to run frequent searches and find out who these people are that have your work and where they are sharing it. Copyright thieves are just not smart. You can find them quite easily because they are posting their name all over the internet to get recognition as an author.

I worked as a Copyright & Trademark Paralegal before becoming an author, so I was at an advantage in knowledge on the subject before I decided to self-publish. If you are an author or other creative on the internet, reading this is imperative, but often ignored: http://copyright.gov/title17/.

Take the time to run these detailed searches and look for the links to their pages. Compose a cease and desist letter. If they are posting in a public forum promoting your material as their own, post the C&D letter in the forum under their post. Send the letter to them personally via email or through their website. Then, report the websites in violation of your copyright to Google.

Become empowered and educate yourself before you self-publish and share your work. Here’s a great article to read: The DMCA Takedown Notice Demystified.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will answer what I can and/or will refer you to an attorney.




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