Finding Balance in the Thick of Life

Project Blacklight

Last week, I got some time off to take a much needed vacation. The original plan was to go to Maryland to attend a wedding. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. For starters, we didn’t have the funds to go. Second, the car was–and still is–in need of repairs. A trip that strenuous would probably mean its untimely demise. And third, the week I was to start my vacation, my kids got sick. First, my son, who had a 103 degree fever that lasted for two days. Then, my daughter, who not only had a fever, but came to find out she had bronchitis. So, we had to get antibiotics for it. Getting her to take it was a struggle. It’s bad enough that she’s picky when she’s well; it’s worse when she’s sick because she does not like taking medicine. (Who doesn’t?) I’m happy to report the fever’s dissipated, but she still…

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