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Breaking Open

During my morning walk today, I found myself stumbling in a haze. More reflection over the last 5 years than perhaps I should have allowed at times, for it only distracted and tormented me. We all do this – especially when someone we love makes a sudden dramatic exit from our life.

My writing life, my work life, my home life – it has all come full circle and gathered at this fork in the road today. At different times, I have been plodding along. Other times I just had to skip gleefully. Some days, I crawled. But I always kept moving forward even when it felt as if I was getting nowhere.

Today is October 1st and the path ahead just broke open. It is palpable. The direction of the Spirited Quill has turned with the season.

I will not be far, or away much longer, my friends. Thank you for your support.




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