Taking Flight

I read a story a few months back about an indie author who had gained 80,000 Twitter followers and deleted her account. She realized that 1) it was sucking her personal life away; and 2) it wasn’t where most of her sales were coming from. She checked out of social media and is doing much better for it.

I deleted my Facebook author page one month ago. I had reached over 12k Twitter followers between my two accounts, since 2011. Yesterday, I closed Twitter. No remorse. Not even a twinge of “OMG what did I do?!”.

Instead of booting up the computer and jumping into the stream, I sat in silence this first morning, social media free, with my coffee. I enjoyed the sound of the birds as the sun came up. I disconnected from the “feed” and reconnected with the earth.

Two things have prompted these actions – a Goddess Telesummit that I am listening in to (thank you Erica Tucci for the heads up on that); and the invitation to read & review the ARC of Ani Pema Chödrön‘s new book “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better” (to be released Sept. 1 – she always comes in just when I need her wisdom most). I am focused on moving forward, personally and professionally, and my personal social media is not where the balance will be found. Removing myself from social media will allow me to focus more clearly professionally and will give me the personal time I require for my own well-being and wholeness.

The kindred spirits I have “met” via social media understand my movement, and know where to find me. :)

Blessed Be.

Cairenn Rhys, Spirited Quill

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