Get lost. Write.

These words have come to mean something different for me. 

July 1st was supposed to be a very different day for me. I had other plans – major plans. Those plans fell through the cracks. I found myself wandering around the neighborhood in a daze. It was all unexpectedly sad, and I was mad as hell.

But there was this one thing…

I had an idea for a story, after months of not writing anything, then here it was, suddenly, “BAM!” 

The words, the scenes, the characters…the entire plot began firing in my brain. I had forgotten it was coming up on July 1st, the historical first day of Camp. Then, I saw a tweet about it. Again, “BAM!” I realized the timing was perfect. With Camp, there are no rules. You set your own word count goal and type of project. I knew my story would work better as a novella. So, I signed in 3 days ago and set up my project. 

When I saw this year’s slogan (above), I read it as telling my POS nemesis to “get lost!”, and telling myself to just “write.” 

A comeback statement.

No, I didn’t plan to jump into Camp NaNoWrimo 2015 (starting now for me in less than 1 hour!).  

But here I am, enjoying the ride. :) 



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