Get lost. Write.

These words have come to mean something different for me. 

July 1st was supposed to be a very different day for me. I had other plans – major plans. Those plans fell through the cracks. I found myself wandering around the neighborhood in a daze. It was all unexpectedly sad, and I was mad as hell.

But there was this one thing…

I had an idea for a story, after months of not writing anything, then here it was, suddenly, “BAM!” 

The words, the scenes, the characters…the entire plot began firing in my brain. I had forgotten it was coming up on July 1st, the historical first day of Camp. Then, I saw a tweet about it. Again, “BAM!” I realized the timing was perfect. With Camp, there are no rules. You set your own word count goal and type of project. I knew my story would work better as a novella. So, I signed in 3 days ago and set up my project. 

When I saw this year’s slogan (above), I read it as telling my POS nemesis to “get lost!”, and telling myself to just “write.” 

A comeback statement.

No, I didn’t plan to jump into Camp NaNoWrimo 2015 (starting now for me in less than 1 hour!).  

But here I am, enjoying the ride. :) 


6 thoughts on “Get lost. Write.

  1. Sometimes, inspiration comes to us when we least expect it. I’m sure you this already. It’s great to see that you were inspired to create.

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