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New Year, New Writing

NaNoWriMo 2014 is complete.  I finished ahead of schedule again & beat my own wordcount record, so now I will continue to clean up The Spirited Quill for the new year. I have decided to put all book writing aside and get back to poetry. There are currently 2 books in the vault, with another 3 awaiting my attention. Sometimes, they need to sit and ferment. Sometimes, I just need to sit back and do something completely different & fresh.

Hence, I have created a new blog, Chasing Calliope, devoted to writing lyrical poetry. Love, sweet love and other musings, perhaps even some erotic poetry…I’m letting the Muses guide the way of the quill.

Topics of a more spiritual nature will remain here, as I feel the need to separate the two from each other, and I like the idea of having a new template to play with. :) Creativity in action. The design for Calliope came about quite unexpectedly, actually. I just started playing with colors and pictures, and POP! I wrote the first post this morning.

I do hope that you will join me at Chasing Calliope. Thank you, All, again, for your support.


C. Rhys


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