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Spring Ahead, Fall Back

Spring brought a heart’s leaping of renewed hope, faith and love. Fall is knocking it all down. The chill in the air is growing more frozen as the days pass, and I have spent the last week in contemplation of events, people and all I have observed since May.

I stopped writing at length in April. It was a break which has turned into a semi-permanent vacation. This is not merely “writer’s block”, because as you know, I do not believe in blocks, they are resistance. That resistance is deeply rooted in other parts of the psyche. Most writer’s do not want to go to those places in their mind, so they just “block” out that which is unpleasant, and call it a “block” and never allow that which is struggling to be released to emerge finally through the written word.

I am not one of those writers.

The direction of my writing is expanding, although I have no idea as yet how far it will continue. I only know that this particular part of my path has ended. For now.

I am not closing down the website, as a matter of fact, it will undergo major remodeling in December and the “door” will re-open in January. The next book will be released shortly thereafter. Social networking will be at a minimum, and any accounts related to my books remain open (, Goodreads).

My focus will be on completing NaNoWriMo 2014 and other writing to be completed. Personal events are quickly moving forward and my full attention is necessary.

I greatly appreciate your support, as always, and it is my sincere hope that you will continue our connection will I go on hiatus and walk the writer’s path in private for the time being.


C. Rhys 





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