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Preparing for the Future

Hello Friends –

Although away on a literary break for the past few months, dabbling only in micropoetry and private writing, stealthily reading your blogs, I have been preparing for the future of my writing life and life in general. There are many changes on the horizon – all good.

One of those changes has been to find a new home for my published titles. As you may remember on our last episode, I discovered the dark side of publishing and decided it was in my best interests to leave Amazon. In researching all the options and getting down to the bare bones of what I truly wanted for my books, I have decided to place the titles for print on It was important for me to regain control of all distribution and the best way (for me) is to claim some space and set up a smaller “shop”.

As of yesterday, tall three titles have been republished and are available for purchase. Links can be found here on the website (Books). I am forever grateful for the reviews and response my books received on Amazon, but the writing is what remains most important to me. Ratings are always deeply appreciated and I thank you in advance if it resonates with you to share the links with others.

I am also sharing the news that I will once again be participating in NaNoWriMo – for my second year. My goal is to exceed last year’s word count (55,228) and complete a supernatural horror story I started a few years back but never continued. (I only have the first chapter complete – long way to go!). Not even a working title yet. If you are participating as well and would like connect with me on the site, you can find me at

So far, 2014 is looking like it will wrap up nicely, with a bow.

Thank you so much for your support!

Blessings to each of you,





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