Spend not life with a broken man – hopeless, dreamless, ambitionless man.

He walks upon the Earth each brand new day in hatred of the Sun, blocking his tearful eyes in fear of being blinded, even in darkness that he himself has created.

Misplacing his ill-content, self-loathing onto the Goddess who would eternally love him, unconditionally. Bringing a depth of pain, of suffering, born only of his selfish ego, a karmic debt for him to repay, a debt that shames the Devil’s own.

She does not want to see you, evermore. You need not show your face ever to her, or attempt to right your wrong.

Do not speak her name. Do not think of her Be-ing.

She has banished you,
in all directions of each past, present and future.

Do not communicate with her, in any way, shape or form,
in this life or any future life on this Earth
that she be so blessed and graced to be given.

You are unwelcomed, Man of Horror.

If you disobey this, attempt to project your darkened Self unto her realm,

you will meet



spiritual death.

Bless you in your quest for absolution.

It will not be found on the same Silver Road she steps graceful feet upon.

*Note from Poet:

This poem was originally a Featured Poem in Tiferet Journal November 2012 under the title “Silver Road”. I have changed the name to reflect the uprising of the woman, rather than her eternal damnation to be walking a road that was leads nowhere.

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