Sunday Morning Re-Connection

On this serene Sunday morning, all that lies before me is uncertain, yet full of promise.

With all that has come to pass in the last 3 years, professionally and personally, I have finally reached an interlude on the writer’s road. I have found a bench upon which to sit, put my feet up and smile in gratitude. I have been quite blessed in the response to my writing, the people who I have met online, the friendships formed (you know who you are) and the many Gentle Readers that have helped me to pave this trail.

As I rest here today, reevaluating of the past, testing the waters of other shores and planning for the future, I sense a journey of writing yet to be, taking me to a new literary  destination. With many penned essays, complete and incomplete poetry, and a series of vignettes in the vault, I am content to leave them to their respite. I will continue writing, privately, and will be sharing to this blog when Spirit moves me.

Two things have recently changed that I bring to your attention. First, my Facebook Page is closed. If you have read anything I have written on the subject in the past, the reasons are known. That is all. 

Also, my paid writing gig at Yahoo Voices has ended. This is due to Yahoo closing down Voices, which means many Contributors will be affected. The good news on this is that all rights to my articles revert back to me and I am now free to publish them elsewhere. I have placed them in the vault with the other writings, for now. When I have found the medium best suited for them, I will share them once again with you.  

The Spirited Quill will be undergoing some changes as well, within the next few months, as the grand plan all comes together. I do not know what the plan is of yet, and it’s ok that I do not. All in Divine time and Creative flow. 

It is my sincere hope that if you have already been following the Quill, that you will continue to do so, and if this is your first time visiting here, that you will remain to sit with me and the others, as I continue on this incredible journey.



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