Divine Discontent: Overcoming Creative Blocks

What is referred to as “creative blocks” are actually “resistance”. This may be a concept frustrating to accept, especially if you have an actual deadline to meet, but there is a greater purpose for your discontent – a Divine purpose.


Your voice has become mute. Your once colorful vision for blank canvas has faded to gray. Your hand poised only with empty pen, or you have scattered gibberish upon the page. The goal is clearly set before you, yet you are unable to complete the next novel or masterpiece. You have been here before – the process of creation seems “blocked”.

This is Divine Discontent. A grand opportunity and a nudge from the Soul to simply stop. To review what you have accomplished, what you have learned along the path to this point and how to continue along the journey. The power to create has not weakened, it is recharging.

What is referred to as “creative blocks” are actually “resistance”. This may be a concept frustrating to accept, especially if you have an actual deadline to meet, but there is a greater purpose for your discontent, a Divine purpose. Your Soul is choosing to be still and is re-aligning itself for your highest well-being. If you embrace this and allow your Self to remain seated in this discontent and become an observer for the time being, you will move more gently through the process in a healthier way for Body, Mind and Spirit.

When we lose the heart connection to our creative work, we step out of flow of the entire journey. We cannot create and move forward unless we are in Divine flow. When we are in Divine flow, we create and release without attachment to how other people will respond to our creative work. Yet, Ego has a desire to succeed, to be recognized and loves applause. It wants reward for its efforts. When the rewards come up short we become disenchanted, and find ourselves stalled along the path. If we allow Ego to take over at that point, we create obstacles rather than artwork and certain mental pressures that may begin to manifest physically into fatigue, lack of motivation, anxiousness, extreme tension, and for some people it leads to depression and/or addictions.

We can move from discontent into dis-ease rather quickly if we do not “stop and smell the roses”. Working with the emotional energies of Divine Discontent requires Self-awareness, being conscious of our projections onto others, discipline of the scattered pieces of our mind and recognizing the early signs of any dis-ease.

A wonderful reference is “Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. In this guide, she describes specific ailments and new thought patterns that reinforce the argument that we are creating our dis-ease with our negative thought patterns. For instance, Ms. Hay lists the problem of “Fatigue” and its probable cause as “Resistance; Boredom. Lack of love for what one does.”

If you feel you have lost your voice, perhaps there is a new one waiting within to be heard. Read a classic novel or poetry collection written by those who walked the path before you. If your paint brush will not glide smoothly across the canvas, perhaps it is time to get out into nature and view its colors as they were created Divinely, and step outside of the studio. Walk through a park and hold a flower in the palm of your hand – let it speak to you of its beauty.

Trust the purpose of Divine Discontent. It is your Soul at work.

@2013 Cairenn Rhys

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