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Third Time The Charm

As I was starting on some new shorter writings, I once again neglected to check how the current book, EPYLLIA, is doing on Amazon. I’m not one for obsessing over the Amazon hourly updates as some authors do.

Perhaps I should, but I never found it necessary. I’ll find out wonderful things as they come naturally.

It was curious to me that UPON HIGHER GROUND seemed to struggle since it’s publication back in June 2013. Even WARRIOR OF THE DEEPSAKE was a late bloomer. But UHG just chugged along slowly.

So imagine my surprise when I did finally check Amazon ranks today and discovered that not only did EPYLLIA hit the Top 100 Kindle Paid at #61 (probably was higher two days ago because I didn’t check sooner dammit!) but so did UPON HIGHER GROUND…my little book that could. :)

Three books, three hits. For me personally as a writer, this is beyond what I ever imagined when I was only 8 years old typing gibberish at my father’s cast iron Royal typewriter.

No stopping now. Onward…






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