Whisper To A Scream

A Darkened One whispered,
proclaimed her innocence,
wrapped herself in a pure white robe,
swinging from a tree.

Her voice weak,
the truth of her Soul revealed
through glassy, shifty eyes

She was tricksy,
not clever enough to fool this Warrior… 

Warriors cannot be blindsided.

Our shields illumine the Divine,
our swords are forged
with the fire in the belly
of our Spirit.

Her evil exposed before it rounded a corner,
or jumped from behind a rock of which she lives,
to spew her whispers of venom!

Malicious intent of her shadow,
Drained her energy,
drop by drop,
she tired.

I stood back…

Breathing with my target.
choosing the perfect moment
to slay.

Her weakness – my advantage.

Nowhere for her to hide.

She trusted him, yet
Even he did not protect her.

He gave her up…

All her praise and applause
for him,

My shield reflected
the shock and awe
upon their gaping mouths.

The Darkened One who has appeared this day, I say to you…

Your consciousness has turned upon your Self,
how you have lost this battle. 

It fills you this moment,
places a haunt upon your heart,
on each one of your lonely, land-far-away days.
Does it not?

Your first mistake…

You believed you possessed Power over me,
as I walked along my sacred journey.

Your final mistake:  

You got in the way.

-from Warrior of the Deepsake

© Luis Royo
© Luis Royo



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