Free Verse, Poetry, Quest of the Wayshower, Structured Free Verse

Malefic Short

There is no answer,
all seeking,

Daylight arises,
I gaze out the window from my pillow,
pull my favorite blanket tighter to my chest,
struggling to awaken
to pull myself into another day,
with the same thoughts,

crashing all at once
in waves over me.

Today loving words formed,
instead of tears,
as I watched the leaves of the tree
wave in the breeze
as the autumn morning sun
treamed through their yellowing green,

mocking me.

Closing my eyes,
letting those words have their time
in my foggy mind,
giving me a mere flash of inspiration,
what a fool was I
to believe they would succeed,
take profound shape
by the end of day,
that all would be well.

My procrastination…
leading to Divine intervention,
or perhaps yet another cruel universal joke
upon this heart,
brought more destruction
to the core,
and I wondered,
how much more failure can I possibly endure?

Endless is this torment,
day in, day out,
fighting it back
the effects of exhaustion
beyond repair…

there is never peace,
never resolution,
hope lost,
love void.

And there it lay,
with me this morning,

this death that does not die,
and his intention through millennia
to kill me, slowly…

twisting his steely sword
into my soulful depths.

my hesitation

allowed him to finish me off.

I arose, once again,
remove his sword,
wipe it clean of my blood,

hand it back to him,
turn and walk away.

A new day has begun.

from Quest of the Wayshower


© Luis Royo
© Subversive Beauty – Luis Royo



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