Free Verse, Poetry, Structured Free Verse

Of No Return

How does the heart ache so
after so much time has passed
even when life has carried me away
to distant shores?

Nothing familiar,
no memories here,
his feet did not step upon this ground
where I walk today,
this freedom-space all mine,
and yet,
seems right back where I began…

He feels as far away now
as he did when he claimed to be at my side

He feels as close to my heart now
as he did when he disappeared.

I may only bear witness to a past
of broken hope
and double-speak;

of his longing for a love
that was never myself.

the trees smile in compassion
and wave
as I pass them by,
the breeze stinging my tears.

I could swim the ocean
and the tide would deliver me to this place

of no return.

– C. Rhys


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