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Good Vibes

I am proud to announce that on August 9th, my book, “Warrior of the Deepsake-Journal of a Spiritual Warrior” reached #2 in Epic Poetry and #2 in Mysticism on Amazon Kindle.  It finished overall at #5 in Poetry. It placed #1,983 on August 10th. I can now say, officially, I am a best-selling Poet on Amazon. To even hear myself say it gives me pause for reflection and gratefulness. Thank you to everyone that downloaded this book and helped me to reach my dream.

This is huge achievement for me on so many levels. “Warrior” started a journal, then a blog and deciding to publish the first edition in 2011 was absolutely Divinely guided. All pieces of creation of the book fell perfectly into place. From the incredible cover image by Les Still to the interior layout and the journey I walked each day that brought the experiences of my Soul to the ink on the paper, it was a blessing and a gift.

It is only the beginning! 

My next literary projects are NaNoWriMo in November, where I will complete my first novel hopefully for release by Summer 2014.

Again, form the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I could not have achieved such merit for my poetry if not for all the writers and readers who have helped to support it over the last few years. 

Blessings to you and yours,

Cairenn Rhys
The Spirited Quill

Cairenn Rhys #5 poet
Cairenn Rhys #5 poet
Cairenn Rhys Poet Amazon
Epic Poetry rank #2 Cairenn Rhys
Cairenn Rhys Poet
New Age/Mysticism rank #2 Cairenn Rhys
Amazon Best Selling Sales rank #1,983 Cairenn Rhys Poetry

2 thoughts on “Good Vibes”

  1. Well done and in particular your move into the area of child protection. Good vibes indeed!

    Peace and blessings in all your work, Michael.

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