Summer Breezes – Free New Release and More

With summer fast approaching, and the weather in Chicago flip-flopping more than our politicians (if that’s even possible), this post will be short and to the point, sans hot air and humidity. 
First, most of the recent changes I’ve made have been leaps of faith. Joining Yahoo! was a spur of the moment, what-the-hell-try-it moment. I tried. I succeeded. My first article was accepted within days by the Editors and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It became my first paid article, ever, and I have been dancing on moonbeams ever since. You can read the article here: Divine Discontent-Overcoming Creative Blocks. I currently have three new pieces in the review process. All future updates will be included in the Associated Content below this post, in the footer. I will also tweet & post the links when available. 
The next exciting thing that happened, that I have been long avoiding much in following the footsteps of one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, was to e-publish my books and make them available for Kindle.  With that, my first free promotion begins in approximately 2.5 hours (Central) for “Upon Higher Ground”, my new poetry collection.

For Saturday, June 8th only, the Kindle version is available for free downloading at

This offer is for non-Amazon Prime Members. Amazon Prime Members can borrow from the lending library anytime they wish by following the same link. 

I have been receiving wonderful support and making connections all over the world. Thank you, each of you, for your support in helping my dream to come true.




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