A Departure

He will not read these words,
if he knows it is she who has penned them.

She believes he hates her,
for loving him so.

Always the consummate wordsmith,
reaching into depths of the reader’s heart
yet he cannot bear the weight of her words
upon his own heart,
nor the remembrance of the sound of her tears

perhaps out of fear,
perhaps from malice.

She knows he carries regret for his crudeness,
for the loss of her in his arms nightly
as he struggles to find peaceful sleep.

He knows to heights of Infinity
that her love for him remains Unconditional,
yet for all the remorse that dwells within him,
he will not explain his departure,
nor admit to cruelty.

She knows him better.

For all darkened thoughts
that may have crossed his mind,
for all the vile words he spoke
as he disconnected from her,
for all that blinded him from the Light of the truth –
that her love of him is Eternal –

She writes these words
he yearns to hear from her:

I forgive You, my Love

I carry your heart within my own

I hold Hope you will one day see the Light,
and return to me, to my full embrace of you, my Love.

Dedicated to Michael 

6 thoughts on “A Departure

  1. heartfelt words…words i am sure she hopes he reads if only he could get by they were from him….relationships can get so complicated as well…esp when they come to an end…hope he finds the light as well…

  2. O, I hope he sees and returns as well…You captured this sad ending of a relationship so very well…I felt every throb of hurt and loss.

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