Poetry, Structured Free Verse, Wayfarer Chronicles 2013

Warrior’s Lament

Tears fallen through slurred words,
a tale,
death, despair
seen through the eyes and heart
of a Warrior.

Lamenting his absence,
I cry on behalf of him,
for those companions painted across his arm,
those he has seen to transition to Heaven,
those he has assisted through insufferable pain,
all of those upon his endless journey.

I do not judge him,
nor his actions, his duties,
his harsh words spoken in anger.
I sleep to dream
only in prayer for his healing,
just as I once sat alone, still in Being,
on a fateful Harvest day,
upon his hill.

Compassion in its fullest,
his travels,
my travels,
meeting as one,
coming full circle onto this battlefield…
each of us standing powerful,
immoveable, stubborn,
gazing into the other’s eyes,
two Souls in Destiny’s agreement…

Who does win?
Who does lose?

No resolution this eve.

We must meet again.

© 2011 Cairenn Rhys
from “Warrior of the Deepsake


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