LightPath Series

ShadowPeople – LightPath Series

It is a choice to live in the Light. It is also a choice to live in the Dark. If you choose the LightPath, it requires understanding the Dark, and accepting that it will always present challenges. You cannot walk fully in the Light if you have not dug deep into your own darkness. That is when you make the choice. Which side of the fence are you going to live within?

I have come to understand Darkworkers. Lightworkers are often challenged by them, and it is accepting them and working with their challenges takes practice. I lived most of my life believing there was only Light and Dark. I have recently discovered there is another force at work: ShadowPeople.

They never make a choice.

They walk the line upon a fence between the Light side and the Dark side. Never choosing a side, they wander each day in constant hunt of their next victim, from wither side. This is what makes them more dangerous than being approached by a Darkworker.

With a Darkworker, you know their game, you know the words they will most likely use, and see them coming from a mile away. Their energy is distinct.

With Shadowpeople, they approach in deceit because they live by deceiving themselves. They play both sides, and have learned how to hop that fence at will depending upon their whims and Ego needs at any given moment.

They will spend time in the Dark to partake in the games of the Dark, a refresher course in how to feed and manipulate, then go back to the Light where they can feed on the weaker ones on their spiritual journey who have not yet learned psychic protection techniques or even that there are any to be learned.

Shadowpeople spend equal time in the Dark, and rounding up host victims in the Light. They have discovered that once Lightworkers become hip to their trick, they will leave the “group” and thus, the Shadowperson needs to constantly replenish his/her feeding ground.

Their approach to the Light is almost the same every time. They present as extremely polite, sickeningly sweet and most often times pretending to be supportive of everyone else to a fault.

It is too much “sappy” talk and they tend to always speak in poesy. When they are newly arrived to the Light side, they feign illness or physical ailment to gain sympathy, and the Lightbeings that respond quickest, are the chosen hosts for the day. They strike in this manner, then retreat and observe who “shows up”.

They have many “regulars” that have been with them from the beginning. Either unknowing or not altogether of the Light themselves, these victims are usually so far into the “frenzy” they do not see there is anything wrong. They remain, and there is a constant cycle of energy exchange.

After observing who has shown up to support them the most, they attack in another manner to gain even more to feed upon. The Shadowperson will suddenly bounce back from being “away” with an exuberant return – this is done to draw in those of an even higher vibration that may have not bought into the “illness” routine. The thought process behind this is “if they see I am happy, they will follow me anywhere.” For them, it is this moment where they cannot be tamed – they are as excited as a shark in bloody water.

The energy exchange then can be seen as slowing down. They appear and speak calmly, this is where they begin to use that poesy language and keep all gathered around them. The benefit of this is threefold. They feel “worthy” and their Ego needs are being satisfied. They have gained new supporters for future feeds. They also have the gained the proper energy level to walk the fence and to return to “play” on the Dark side.

This is daily routine for the Shadowperson. Eventually, their physical ailments will worsen and manifest into serious dis-ease that will debilitate them. Instinctively knowing this, they are often people who participate in strenuous physical activities, in delusion that they are keeping themselves healthy. Unfortunately, their dis-ease is internal, not external, and unless the Shadowperson chooses a side, their suffering will continue cause suffering in others.

As a Lightworker, I have had experience with both Darkworkers and Shadowpeople. It is my opinion that while both are detrimental and dangerous to the subtle bodies of all Beings, Shadowpeople are more common in society due to the fact that they play both sides of the spiritual fence and are able attack twice as many host victims.

It is important for Lightworkers to learn the intricacies of psychic protection for themselves and to provide healing and clearing to others who may be under attack or are unknowingly about to be.


In the next part, I will discuss Darkworkers in further detail, how they differ from Shadowpeople and how to spot them. Further along I will provide protection techniques and discuss various healing modalities.


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