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Who Supports You?

I got to wondering today, after I announced to a few close friends who know me outside of the “social media circus” of a couple new & exciting updates…

How many authors, bloggers and other writers and artists, have the genuine support of their family?

Do you face judgment and being brushed off by family members?

Even if you hold a “day job”, are your efforts and accomplishments as a writer/artist met with a “That’s good. So what?” attitude when you announce something that you love to do and is your dream because in their eyes, it isn’t “real”, or is viewed as being a fluffy little hobby that doesn’t “amount” ($) to anything?

Do you get more support from complete strangers online than you do within your close circle of friends and family?

If so, how do you deal with this? Do you just stop sharing these things with your closest friends and relations?

I have to say the lack of support and/or air of superiority from these people, in those moments, not only hurts and hits you in the gut, but it is also indicative of how they are not true to probably anyone to whom they associate. They show their true self. This is why I am able to let it roll off, and it always lands back at their feet.

Call it being two-faced, egotistical, rude, etc. The bottom-line is that their behavior is a only reflection of how they are putting themselves out in the world. Their “exhibition” is a negative projection onto others in a pathetic attempt to make themselves appear more worthy.  

Jealousy? Angry or resentful? Low self-esteem? Whatever it is, they are only holding themselves back.

So you have a choice: Keep your Light shining bright (which eventually they will get the hint that you are unstoppable and don’t care what they think), and/or cut loose anyone that cannot stand in your Light while you are working on your dream as well as paving the way for your right-livelihood. If they cannot step out of their Ego and be genuinely happy for others, it may be time to sever that cord.

Negativity is contagious, and you can’t afford to get sick. You have a project to complete. 

If you would share your thoughts on this, I would love to read your comments.


8 thoughts on “Who Supports You?”

    1. It’s tough. I wrote this after two things: my best friend completely there 100% and someone else in which it all just fell flat, which I believe was attached to more resentment/jealousy/judgement of things in general and I can;t be stopped by that kind of negative projection. I just keep on swimming! The way up, is up. :)

  1. I guess I’m lucky. While my online writer friends give most of my support, my family is pretty supportive. My husband tells me to never give up and my daughter is my biggest fan. Some of my family is neutral but that’s ok. I can see that it could be hard to have those closest to you not give you are right, you can’t let negativity get to you.

    1. Thank you Michelle. :) My online supporters are the best! You have definitely been one of them since we connected a few short months ago, and I thank you for your kindness.

  2. I have not shared the fact that I am writing with many people. The few that do know are very supportive. I can kind of tell who could care less and who is on board and wants to hear the progress. I am doing this because I have a love for story telling. I enjoy it and that’s all that matters. Yes, I want to share it with others, but not everyone is into the same stories as I am. Just keep doing what you love because you love it. You’ll meet people along the way that will love it too. =^)

    1. I have come to the conclusion that I need to reassess my support group, which I believe is an ever-changing thing for writers, and focus on those beautiful members so we can support each other. :)

  3. I have two critique groups that I attend and one practice writing group. We give each other a lot of support. Family members seem to have no idea of how hard and diligently i work to perfect this art.

    1. I understand completely. :) It can be a “sting” at first, but after talking to other writers/poets/authors, especially the ones in my greatest, tightest knit circles, I’m beginning to be alright with it. It certainly isn’t going to stop me from writing!

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