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At What Cost?

It is rather pathetic when writers/authors – and possibly great ones at that – lowered so far down into their Ego that they do themselves more harm than good, and do not even realize what they are creating for themselves. Or rather what they are failing to create.

After a few years of being “out there” myself as a writer, I’ve seen a lot. Just the other day I was about to share a wonderful story from one author with another. I went searching for the link to the story to pass along on Twitter. When I came to the page, my eye caught a comment from the author. He had lashed out publicly on a personal matter toward an “ex” whom he had no proof at all had “sabotaged” his posted work by “voting it down”. His message was incoherent in a few places, and he even threatened the ex within his comment.

All I thought in that moment was, “He has no idea how he has hurt himself” and that his comment doesn’t even begin to touch the ex. By posting that comment it only brings attention to his inner personal rage, and frankly, obvious misogyny.

Needless to say, I then chose to not share his work with my other author friend, and will never again with anyone. He has created damage to his name and all the hard work he has put in for years as a writer has been dimmed.

If I was an agent, old fan or potential new fan, or especially a publisher – I would run very far away from aligning myself into a professional relationship with this person. What a damn shame that he attached such a comment under his work. And not on just one post, but two! I guess he really needed to be sure that everyone know about it. I know this person’s work very well…excellent writer. But he has lost a fan and a colleague.

Many others I see in some professional writing circles are so concerned with getting “Likes” and website hits that they will resort to anything to be seen above all others, even disobey the rules of the site because they believe themselves superior of others. What they fail to see is that they are driving away their support group, and failing their readers. It makes this reader/peer go the extra effort to not “like” your page or follow you.

In a lot of writer directories I’ve noticed authors taking advantage of the rules by posting their links multiple times believing the more times it’s posted the more “likes” and hits they will receive. In the case of Facebook, only one counts. So, they really disservice themselves, and publicly display their arrogance (and ignorance) by posting their links multiple times. What a shame they are so focused on numbers instead of the people behind them!

It is Ego, pure and simple. Perhaps a bit of insecurity and narcissism thrown in there, too?

When I read your tweets and Facebook posts, as a follower/fan, I don’t want to read about your cold, your bathroom breaks, your migraines, your ex, your incessant need for attention….negativity is contagious.

If you are more focused on hitting a particular goal in numbers on social media, you should be more focused on accomplishing a certain word count. Or maybe writing isn’t really your passion at all?

I recently had a herniated disc. I let everyone know by briefly posting this as the reason I was going to be offline for awhile. I didn’t ramble on about it – quite honestly because it was more important to heal my body than keep sitting on my sore ass talking about it!

Social media has definitely made people believe the world spins on its axis around their every movement via tweets and posts.

They must be dizzy from the world revolving around them. A high cost to pay that they haven’t got in the bank to cover.


“Healing means getting over the pain, not marketing it.” -Caroline Myss


2 thoughts on “At What Cost?”

  1. Wow! It really is a shame that people don’t spend more time in thought about the way they are presenting themselves online. When I experience these things I too am turned away from following, interacting with or sharing a writer’s work. Very insightful post and a wonderful subject to touch upon. People really do need to be more aware of how their comments and choices in post content can and will effect them. Thanks for sharing.

    ~ O

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It’s about consciousness & losing the ego. Being accountable, responsible and respectful of others whether online or offline. Social media has exploded to the point that not much is “sacred” and/or private to many people. Times have changed. ;)

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