Free Verse, Poetry, Structured Free Verse


How can it be so?

My heart can no longer carry you,
the weight, it has weakened my breath,
rendered my arms leaden from holding on.

Long abandoned,
our days of the past,
when sincerity fluid,
dripping from your lips,
promises vague as they fell from your mouth.

Now lost in the vastness,
without my hand to be held,
nary a remembrance of us,
you traipse through another superficial day.

With broken silken fingers,
my hand falls gently away.

Fear and anguish consumes,
loneliness your treasured friend,
truth of love runs silently,
deepest as the wave crashes
over my weary mind, body.

Abandonment is premier,
the Soul’s contract experiential,
resolution a distant second,
in a million lifetimes eternal.

When did you let go?



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