Light v. Dark

The Dark is not relevant. As all things irrelevant, it passes in time.

Light knows more than Dark about Creativity.

What does Dark know? Only Falsehood and Illusion.

Light writes powerful things.
Dark writes about only Dark.

Light can write darker than Dark, because Light can see the Dark.

Dark does not see itself.

Dark lives in delusion of grandeur, with no vision. Its struggle will always be the need to be recognized as something other than Dark.

Dark attempts to feed off of the energy of the Light, so it can feel better about itself for choosing to remain Dark. Once it has feasted, Dark believes it has gained, but it has gained nothing.

It is a joke.

History will remember Dark as a joke, if it remembers Dark at all.
History will remember Light, because Light shines Truth upon the Dark.

Dark cannot stand in the Light, runs from Truth.
Dark runs from the Light, unable to Evolve beyond its own true form –
a Shadow called Fear.

The Truth is born from the fact that Light remains true
to the World in its Divine passion for Creativity and Vision …

One day the words of the Light,
not those of the Dark,

will change the World.

© 2011 Cairenn Rhys
from “Warrior of the Deepsake”



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