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"Imitation is the sincerest form of…"

I was working in an animal hospital in NorCal when Hurricane Katrina hit. A local resident chartered a 747 (not a small expense!), and immediately bombarded fax messages every day to every animal hospital in the Bay Area for donations of money, supplies, meds and staff.

He loaded up the plane, flew down with a whole bunch of supplies and staff. They rescued hundreds of dogs and cats and other animals. They went back 2 more times. Full plane of supplies on the outbound – full plane of passengers on the return.

At the hospital where I worked, we ended up seeing only about 5 “Katrina dogs”, very ill, and for all the evacuated dogs from New Orleans, there was a severe threat of heartworm disease. All the pet hospitals received numerous warning notices from the Humane Society about this.

I wish I had a picture of Gonzo the 3 month old Kelpie pup who became my buddy. :) He was underweight and being so young, was not in the best of health and had lost his family. All the rescued animals were in foster care for 30 days, and if no one claimed them then the foster parents were allowed to apply for adoption. All fostering parents volunteered to care for these animals and pay all the expenses, until they could be reunited with their owners or were found forever homes.

Most people have no idea about the efforts that went on behind the scenes, beyond the images in the news media. It was a horrific disaster, for humans and animals. The toll was enormous in so many ways. I am proud to have been a part of it, even at risk to my own health at times. This is what animal advocates and veterinary staff do.

Today,  I was alerted by a close friend that this rather pathetic person (whom has been following my every move on the internet for two years) seemed to be in frantic panic and mimicking my efforts by suddenly supporting the same animal rescue groups, shelters and wildlife organizations in a desperate attempt to…get more Twitter followers?

I’ve worked front line, 24 hour, emergency, animal crisis. Dogs with cancer, hit by cars, diabetic cats. The only thing this person has accomplished is being a Professional Facebook Status Writer masquerading as a published author.

What is that quote I created last month? Oh yeah…

“Imitation is the sincerest form of copycats with no original thought.”

You can RT this. ;) (snark)


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