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From Some Other Beginning's End



I really do love being here on WordPress. The connection with all of you – a true blessing as I continue on my personal path of exploration, as well as on my author journey.

As I sit here contemplating my next steps, and that it is only the end of January and I’ve already accomplished most of what I intended to spread out over next the year in three weeks, I find myself at a crossroad.

I must close the blog “Warrior of the Deepsake”. I am sad about this, because it was such an incredible beginning to “beginning again” in writing. You see, I did not write for many years. I stopped for foolish reasons – and any honest writer knows what I am talking about without my going into specifics. Yes?

Beginning my website was an important step. Not only as a professional writer with books to promote, but as a human being with a vision that my written words can benefit others: shelter animals without a family or home, young aspiring writers needing guidance and information, and wildlife that desperately needs emergency medical attention and rehabilitation. I have moved into the Age of Social Consciousness and I believe with my whole heart that those of pure and sacred intent are moving along with the rest of us. There is a better way to do business with each other, and I keep saying that “the time is now” (I borrowed this from a song by Seal) and it is true.

I will continue to write on WordPress, and my Soul work will be on my new website. I hope you will join me there, too, check in and say hello. It means the world to me – and many others need your support.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for keeping your minds and hearts open to All.

You can find me at

Blessings to each of you.





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