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Shining The Light

Pleased to announce that I was asked by a wonderful writer-friend in Australia, Hamilton Hill, to write a poem for the Forward in his upcoming book. He has chosen my Triquatrain poem “The Ancients”, from Warrior of the Deepsake.

I am honored and very happy to be a part of The Roads Of Luhonono. The author discovered my work through Facebook on a mutual friend’s page. The story is one I resonate with, and the connection to it very special.

You never know where your connection to something grand will show up. It can be anywhere, anytime, and change your life. Thank you, Hamilton.


Ancient hearts of innocence
bring forth the light of stars,
yet all is lost in its eloquence
as a darkened wound still mars.

Peace-full minds of temples loom
forgiveness within the crumble,
a fortnight bellows impending doom
as the Ancients begin their rumble.

Sleeping souls in discontent
blindly charge with icy dagger,
demise secured of their ill-intent
as they stutter through their stagger.

Befallen victims of selfish sight
suffer loss in love, ally and peer,
Daggers of Dark, you have lost all might
your only companion, Fear.

© 2012 Cairenn Rhys


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