Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My sincerest gratitude to Michael at Jah No Secret for nominating me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award on WordPress. Michael, you have been a great support to my writing since the day I joined WordPress, and  I thank you from  my heart.

I believe in the tagline of the award logo: “Keeping the Blogosphere a Beautiful Place”.  This has been a string of conscious thought for me recently as I have decided to make major changes to the way I do “business” online. My approach will be to always put forth words and resources that inspire others to create a socially conscious presence on the internet.

With the social media explosion has come corruption and greediness. If we, the ones who seek to inspire others, do not make a devoted effort to change to way we live and work and bring a higher intention into social media, blogs like mine and yours will get lost.

Your words have energy. Use them for higher purpose.

Here is my Top 5 list of Very Inspiring Bloggers that I follow each day that help me to pay it forward:

Jah No Secret

The Enchanting Adventure

The Reiki Blog

Voice of a Soul


(Nominees: Post the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ picture in your blog, include 7 random facts about yourself and then nominate your own choices for the award.)
I feel honored to be a part of this and thank each of you for your support of my writing.



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