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On Writers

Let me tell you something about writers…you can tell a lot about a writer by what they choose to write.

We are complex. That is what makes us so fascinating to others who do not write.

Writers write their Heart, their Soul. We write to touch the readers’ own. We are humble, obsessive editors. We are reclusive, guarded. We drink too much coffee and stay up much too late. We always tell the truth.

It is within the Heart and Soul where our Truth resides. Not a word shall we put to paper can be a lie, for the Heart and Soul are Egoless, and Truth will always prevail. We cannot hide our Truth. It is all in the light, even in the dark.

The reader may not accept what has been inked, but neither can they deny it to be true. It is the writer’s Truth that is being told, as only they know it to be. What we believe, we pen.

That is, if we are good writers.


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