Poetry, Structured Free Verse

As Above, So Below

“No consciousness follows the path of those before it, 
else all would be repetition and vain.
Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in
follows its own path to the ultimate goal.

– from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Hermes)

eyes glistening,
Soul bathing in the serenity of the moment,
silence of the ages humming in my ear
as the day breaks open,
the Sun bursting into angelic song.

the path before her is alive,
her steps – fluid confidence
her tears – bittersweet joy
her memories – archival wisdom.

the Love of You,
the Breath of Us,
wrapped in Divineness of the Otherworld
which floats Above, which rests So Below
in the heart riven,
of this Goddess forsaken.

raising graceful hand
to the sunset sky,
a gentle sigh,
his name she breathes,
her message to be carried upon clouds ethereal.

the Moon begins drumming
as it nears closer,
a fathering Light from above,
with child Stars reawakened in cosmic footprint,
the Goddess carries weight of the World
upon graceful shoulders with dignified elegance…

she continues along her path…

so the Way may be Lighted for One,
for All.

©2012 Carienn Rhys


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