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With a rich history spanning over 20 years in the publishing industry, Cairenn has dedicated her career to enhancing the voices of independent authors. ‘The Spirited Quill’ stands as a testament to her commitment, offering tailored guidance and editorial expertise that transforms promising manuscripts into celebrated works.

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Cairenn Rhys is a distinguished author, editor, and publishing consultant with over two decades of dedicated experience in nurturing indie authors. Her journey began with a passion for storytelling, which evolved into a professional career after obtaining her M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Cairenn has since worked with many aspiring writers, helping them to refine their manuscripts, navigate the complexities of publishing, and successfully market their books in a competitive industry. Her expertise spans a broad range of genres, with a special focus on fiction, poetry, and spiritual books. Cairenn’s approach is deeply collaborative, ensuring that each author’s unique voice is preserved and enhanced throughout the editing process.

Cairenn Rhys, Editorial Freelancers Association

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